Where do our ideas for experiences and events come from?

All driven by SAS experience
Dave Thomas is the Managing Director and founder of Spy Games.  Dave spent 8 years with the reserve SAS in the eighties and early nineties and then started an investigation agency specialising in covert surveillance and business intelligence. During that time many people had been intrigued by his stories of undercover missions and secret assignments!

Dave therefore decided to start Spy Games in 2001 and give individuals, corporate clients and children the opportunity to enter the exciting world of spies and secret agents.

The idea was to create team activities, team challenges, team events and scenarios which offered a wide variety to all participants but in a safe, controlled and fun environment. Spy Games now provides events all over the World ranging from team building events, film releases, stag and hen parties, product launches, school experiential learning and individual spy experience days.We are constantly evolving as a company providing new experiences and events as well as a unique training and learning experience for both young and old would be spies!

Employing many instructors who come from a military or police background, we have ex Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment, Army, Royal Air Force and even French Foreign Legion. These guys share their experiences and skill sets with our clients to make a fun packed, exciting events, if you ask we are sure they will share some personal insights into different operations they have been involved with... Our instructors love to tell a good story.

We are always striving to move forward and create new experiences and events for our clients moving with the times, who knows what we will come up with next!