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Could you be a honeytrapper? Reveal goes undercover...

Could you be a honeytrapper? Reveal goes undercover...

Reveal sends senior features writer, Sarah Whiteley, to spy school, where she discovers there's a lot more to discovering covert information than a pair of high heels and a tight dress

"Taking a sip of wine, I scan the bar and, catching sight of a couple of good-looking guys in their early 30s, I nudge the girl sitting next to me.

'What about them?' I murmur discreetly. As they glance over, we both smile invitingly (or at least we hope it's invitingly, rather than manically) and decide to make our move.

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Individualism vs. Teamwork

As you travel around corporate America these days, you hear a lot about "teams"; that groups, departments or whole divisions are trying to behave more as a team as opposed to a group of individuals. Its the latest catch phrase du jour. I guess someone finally figured out the power of teamwork. But just how much of this represents sincere efforts? My corporate contacts tell me its mostly facade. They contend they get some nifty new corporate shirts and some great pep talks, but aside from this, little else. As much as corporations tout the need for teamwork, most still encourage rugged individualism.

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Business Process Consulting – Five Critical Steps in Corporate Team Building

A well-designed house starts with a solid foundation so that it can withstand the challenges of its environment. But even before the foundation is laid or the first nail is hammered, we must first have a model or a picture in our mind’s eye of the completed project. Locking in a solid foundation is likewise critical for Corporate Team Building. Individual team members must prepare themselves by making a commitment to ongoing and continual self-examination, learning, planning and execution.

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Gaining Commitment Or Compliance From Your Team? Some Guidelines for Team Decision Making

Rob worked as a qualified, but junior physiotherapist in a busy hospital. He along with three of his colleagues were asked by their manager to discuss amongst themselves how they would like their rosters to be organised (i.e. who would do what shifts etc.) and put forward their proposal. Rob and his colleagues were very happy with their final choices as they had considered all of their personal and professional needs and felt that their decision was the best for all. A day before the new rosters were to start, Rob found out by rumour during his lunch break that their roster recommendations were not to be implemented. Worse still, the rosters decided on by their manager did not suit any of the four. This decision by their manager resulted in a severe lowering of morale within the team and created a culture of mistrust with management. In future, they would be very wary of any suggestion from management.

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Team Building – The Only Way to Succeed

A great way to build a stronger team is to increase the understanding that every member has with regard to the part they play in the team and the part that all other members play. The more a person knows about how they contribute to the whole the more motivation they will have to do their best. If everyone does their best the teams will always succeed. It is just that easy.

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Health & Safety on Team Building Events

The UK has some of the most stringent Health & Safety standards in the World. Most blue chip companies go even further than the prescribed standards to ensure the wellbeing of their employees. Yet the majority of companies employ team building providers without checking on their own policies and procedures. In effect they are handing over the wellbeing of their employees to companies who do not have the same standards as they do and in some cases companies who have no standards at all.

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Team Leadership - Lead Your Team, Don't Manage It

Team management in the context of setting tasks, prioritizing, monitoring progress, agreeing and setting performance measures is all relatively straightforward.

If you don't agree - get help now!

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Removing Mediocrity from Business Teams

If you run a company and you run it like a sports team or Navy Seals Special Team, well then you should be congratulated indeed. It is that level of commitment, which can win markets in business thru streamlined efficiency in Management at all levels and camaraderie at the front desk and line workers. We all know this is true, but how come when the team’s engine is firing on all cylinders is it so obvious?

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Broken Teams Damage Your Business

A profitable business bottom line depends on effective teaming as much today as it ever did; yet, “effective teaming” may be destined to be no more than another irrelevant buzz phrase, because by and large teams are still dysfunctional and broken.

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Business Team Work and Super Stars

Have you ever been on a business team and noticed that the other team members do not pull their weight? Have you noticed them sloughing off responsibility or even ethics to get their workload share done faster, but turning in a half-baked effort?

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Interviewing - The Single Most Important Question To Ask

When prospective employees are being interviewed, they are asked about their past employment. But they are usually asked about what they did. These answers may be shaded to reflect a well..... favorable impression. Sometimes the answers won't be truthful. Don't you really want to know how well they are going to get along with you and your group after they've been hired?

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Teamwork...Bizz Buzz or Biz Bust?

What is a team anyway?
One of the most popular of business buzz concepts for many years now has been teamwork. We are always looking to be part of a team, seeking leaders who can develop teams and hunting for employees who aspire to be team players. Team is derived from the use of oxen or bullocks shackled together to create a focused, shared force, for transporting heavy materials. I like to think of a team in a different way. A team is made up of individual stories; it is more than a group of people who have willingly set aside their egos; it is about not having or being a boss. A team is a collective of individuals each of whom contributes to the working of the whole. A team is in fact a living entity.

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101 Ways to Motivate, Energise and Inspire Your Team

Here is a long list of effective and simple incentives for your team.

At the conclusion of an incentive program, it is important to assess how successful it was. Did you get the results you wanted? One of the best ways to judge the program's effectiveness, besides considering your own observations, is to get feedback from the reps and administrators involved. You want to be sure that your directions were communicated clearly and at the right intervals, that the rewards were appealing and sparked interest and drive, that your team members felt supported and prepared to take on the challenges being presented, that the program boosted morale, team effort, energy and creativity, etc.

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Team Building - Your Way to Success

Companies have always wanted to improve their profits and their efficiency. For this reason years ago larger companies decided to look inward instead of outward to improve their company. These people found that the more of a cohesive bunch their employees were the better they worked together. The better the employees work together the higher the level of efficiency and production will happen. The companies discovered that the better the employee efficiency and production the higher the profits. This led to the development of programs to help the personnel work better together.

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Attitude is Infectious - So Inject Your Team with Joy

Take time to enjoy your leadership role and take the necessary action to infect those around you with joy.

Teams take their attitude from their leader, so be as positive and upbeat as you can. People will naturally absorb and adopt your energy level; if you are “down”, it can worry them and bring them down as well. Be honest – do not put up a false front in the middle of a crisis - but try and put a positive slant on things wherever you can.

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Team Building - Not Just For Sports

Most people think that a team is a group of people gathered together with a particular goal in common. In a way that is right but in many ways tat is very wrong. A group of individuals that are working together without a clear understanding of how they fit into the whole and how everyone else fits into the whole cannot possibly work in symphony and be a truly cohesive team. Now on the other end of the equation we have a group that has an intimate knowledge of how they contribute to the goal and how the other team members contribute to the final result. This group of people can be considered a team since they truly work together, not just work in close proximity.

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Ensuring Effective Teamwork in Organisation

It has been becoming a common practice in organizations to produce high productive results through ensuring effective teamwork. Many experts have argued that teamwork is really an effective tool in organisations where work is highly interconnected and demands up to date information sharing. For that purpose, it is imperative to first build an effective team and second to motivate them in various monetary and non monetary ways to gain maximum output.

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The Changing Face of the Stag Do

Those twenty-somethings just now experiencing their friends getting married may be surprised at the kind of stag weekends that are being thrown these days. Gone is the stereotypical night down the pub with a cheap stripper or sleazy and embarrassing kissogram ending up gaffer taped naked to a city centre lamp post. Instead, the modern stag do is much more tasteful (usually) definitely more varied, much more suited to individual taste and much much longer.

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Understanding Group Dynamics - Stages of Team Growth

Before we actually look at what is commonly regarded as the 4 stages of team growth, it's worth spending some time understanding the team dynamics when, for example

The team gets together for the first time

  • Someone leaves and someone joins an established team
  • The team leader is replaced by an "outsider"
  • The team leader is replaced by a current team member

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Leadership Skills Development – Corporate Team Building

Top leaders in high performing businesses are people who have a wide range of experience and have developed successful business careers, management skills and abilities to a high level. That is the reason they sit where they do in their respective companies.