Posted on Jan 27, 2013 by dave in Articles

The Changing Face of the Stag Do

Those twenty-somethings just now experiencing their friends getting married may be surprised at the kind of stag weekends that are being thrown these days. Gone is the stereotypical night down the pub with a cheap stripper or sleazy and embarrassing kissogram ending up gaffer taped naked to a city centre lamp post. Instead, the modern stag do is much more tasteful (usually) definitely more varied, much more suited to individual taste and much much longer.

Posted on Jan 7, 2013 by dave in Articles

Understanding Group Dynamics - Stages of Team Growth

Before we actually look at what is commonly regarded as the 4 stages of team growth, it's worth spending some time understanding the team dynamics when, for example

The team gets together for the first time

  • Someone leaves and someone joins an established team
  • The team leader is replaced by an "outsider"
  • The team leader is replaced by a current team member