Posted on Feb 20, 2013 by dave in Articles

Team Building - Not Just For Sports

Most people think that a team is a group of people gathered together with a particular goal in common. In a way that is right but in many ways tat is very wrong. A group of individuals that are working together without a clear understanding of how they fit into the whole and how everyone else fits into the whole cannot possibly work in symphony and be a truly cohesive team. Now on the other end of the equation we have a group that has an intimate knowledge of how they contribute to the goal and how the other team members contribute to the final result. This group of people can be considered a team since they truly work together, not just work in close proximity.

Posted on Feb 3, 2013 by dave in Articles

Ensuring Effective Teamwork in Organisation

It has been becoming a common practice in organizations to produce high productive results through ensuring effective teamwork. Many experts have argued that teamwork is really an effective tool in organisations where work is highly interconnected and demands up to date information sharing. For that purpose, it is imperative to first build an effective team and second to motivate them in various monetary and non monetary ways to gain maximum output.