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Teamwork...Bizz Buzz or Biz Bust?

What is a team anyway?
One of the most popular of business buzz concepts for many years now has been teamwork. We are always looking to be part of a team, seeking leaders who can develop teams and hunting for employees who aspire to be team players. Team is derived from the use of oxen or bullocks shackled together to create a focused, shared force, for transporting heavy materials. I like to think of a team in a different way. A team is made up of individual stories; it is more than a group of people who have willingly set aside their egos; it is about not having or being a boss. A team is a collective of individuals each of whom contributes to the working of the whole. A team is in fact a living entity.

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101 Ways to Motivate, Energise and Inspire Your Team

Here is a long list of effective and simple incentives for your team.

At the conclusion of an incentive program, it is important to assess how successful it was. Did you get the results you wanted? One of the best ways to judge the program's effectiveness, besides considering your own observations, is to get feedback from the reps and administrators involved. You want to be sure that your directions were communicated clearly and at the right intervals, that the rewards were appealing and sparked interest and drive, that your team members felt supported and prepared to take on the challenges being presented, that the program boosted morale, team effort, energy and creativity, etc.