Posted on Sep 26, 2013 by dave in Articles

Individualism vs. Teamwork

As you travel around corporate America these days, you hear a lot about "teams"; that groups, departments or whole divisions are trying to behave more as a team as opposed to a group of individuals. Its the latest catch phrase du jour. I guess someone finally figured out the power of teamwork. But just how much of this represents sincere efforts? My corporate contacts tell me its mostly facade. They contend they get some nifty new corporate shirts and some great pep talks, but aside from this, little else. As much as corporations tout the need for teamwork, most still encourage rugged individualism.

Posted on Sep 2, 2013 by dave in Articles

Business Process Consulting – Five Critical Steps in Corporate Team Building

A well-designed house starts with a solid foundation so that it can withstand the challenges of its environment. But even before the foundation is laid or the first nail is hammered, we must first have a model or a picture in our mind’s eye of the completed project. Locking in a solid foundation is likewise critical for Corporate Team Building. Individual team members must prepare themselves by making a commitment to ongoing and continual self-examination, learning, planning and execution.