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The Benefits of Team Building

Few of us work entirely alone and unsupported - even James Bond 007 has M briefing him and Q providing the tools to help him to get the job done...

Carefully planned and professionally organized team building activities can both energise and inspire. Participants can benefit by experiencing the value of teamwork, the problems caused by a lack of clear communication and the sense of accomplishment in completing challenging group tasks.

Discussing how Spy Games activities relate to the workplace can help employees return to the office with a new set of communication and problem-solving skills.

So what are the key benefits of team building?

Team building activities emphasise cooperation - to succeed, the group must work together. Team building does not test physical abilities or intelligence, and no one can "win" at the expense of the others. This is not to say that individual strengths and weaknesses do not matter, but in team building, participants learn to better identify and use individual traits to achieve a common goal.

Discover Hidden Talent
Team-building activities emphasise the participation of each team member. Inevitably the employees who take charge at the office continue to take charge during the team-building activity. Therefore an experienced team building facilitator can place a limit on the actions of these participants by declaring e.g. by not allowing them to speak or limiting their actions. Limiting certain players gives secondary employees a chance to display their own talents and leadership skills. Imposing limits in this way is not always necessary - the novelty of the team building activities are often enough to shake up existing roles.

Improve Communication
Many team building activities highlight the difficulty of communication and reveal just how easy it is to be misunderstood. Once participants experience this for they begin to communicate more effectively - making extra effort to provide clear instructions or ask questions instead of making assumptions.

Creative Thinking
Solutions to many team-building challenges are not immediately obvious. There often different ways to achieve the objective, allowing teams to try multiple approaches to a problem. These activities are designed to promote creative thinking - helping participants gain the confidence to share creative or risky solutions to work problems.

Trust and Respect
An experienced facilitator carefully plans the sequence of any team-building program, with activities progressively becoming more challenging. This progression allows trust and respect to build slowly and naturally over the course of the program. Back at the office, increased trust and respect can result in increased collaboration and may raise employees' expectations of themselves and their colleagues.

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To discuss and plan appropriate team buidling ideas for you company, call Spy Games on 08451 303007.

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