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Team Building – The Only Way to Succeed

A great way to build a stronger team is to increase the understanding that every member has with regard to the part they play in the team and the part that all other members play. The more a person knows about how they contribute to the whole the more motivation they will have to do their best. If everyone does their best the teams will always succeed. It is just that easy.

I have spoken to people that say that they never include certain jobs’ members in their team building activities. This is a problem since everyone has a job that is important. If that was not the case there would be no job. If you wan to eliminate specific people on the team from the team building things then you may as well fire them. The answer to that is that they cannot fire there people. My point exactly, if they are important enough to keep they are part of the team and should be treated as such.

One of the great ways to get the team stronger is to do role playing. This is following in the same line as the appreciation for the jobs that all other team members do. If a cashier is put in the role of a manager, an exercise of course, they will understand the pressures that the manager is under and have a greater appreciation for what the manager does. The knowledge of this will likely enter their mind when they react to something the manager did that they may not have agreed with. Of course this is not such a clear cut thing but the idea is there for you to understand.

Learn how your team operates and make sure that all team members understand how it operates. Knowledge is key and is the more you give out the better off everyone will be. Treat your team like a close knit group and they will become such.

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