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The Changing Face of the Stag Do

Those twenty-somethings just now experiencing their friends getting married may be surprised at the kind of stag weekends that are being thrown these days. Gone is the stereotypical night down the pub with a cheap stripper or sleazy and embarrassing kissogram ending up gaffer taped naked to a city centre lamp post. Instead, the modern stag do is much more tasteful (usually) definitely more varied, much more suited to individual taste and much much longer.

Yes, the stag do has ballooned into the stag weekend in a lot of cases. And in just as many cases the stag do has migrated from the local to another town entirely, sometimes even a different country entirely. This means that the average stag weekend will take in a range of activities, the modern stag having discovered it's rather difficult to sustain an entire weekend just with booze and boobs.

As such, the more sophisticated stag may find themselves embarking on a weekend filled with wine tasting, life drawing and golf instruction in or near London or perhaps taking place in the elegant setting of Paris and the surrounding area. Of course, the more traditional stag, dripping with testosterone will often be found running around a Czech forest indulging in paintballing, blindfolded 4x4 driving and AK47 shooting. Or near Milton Keynes perhaps on an adrenaline filled espionage themed fully customised stag event - shooting, sliding cars and releasing hostages. As they say: different strokes for different folks.

What is clear for even a cursory examination of any stag company's website is that the watch-word of the stag industry is customisation. One popular idea is that of the London treasure hunt which is fully customisable down to the last detail. Perhaps as a consequence of the expansion of the stag do into the stag weekend, it is much more about tailoring activities to an individual stag's taste, rather than enforcing a traditional rite of passage the night before a wedding. This is accompanied by the rise of the stag industry at all.

There simply was no need before the existence of stag weekends and their incredibly complex logistics. Try organising 20 men across 6 different activities over 3 days in a foreign country, inevitably ending up soaked in alcohol at the end of the night. Definitely a job for the professionals.

Stag weekends are an entirely different breed of event than the stag do that today's twenty-somethings' parents would have experienced, and that is why they might be surprised. They are a product of a generation that marries later and has more available cash, and a generation for whom co-habiting is no big deal, meaning that marriage really is the last step towards responsibility. As such the modern stag is a man who is having his last blow-out before committed respectability.

Stag weekends are more than a rite of passage, they are a milestone. For ideas and the latest stag deals for a great stag do visit Eclipse Leisure, specialists in stag weekends .

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