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Team Building - Not Just For Sports

Most people think that a team is a group of people gathered together with a particular goal in common. In a way that is right but in many ways tat is very wrong. A group of individuals that are working together without a clear understanding of how they fit into the whole and how everyone else fits into the whole cannot possibly work in symphony and be a truly cohesive team. Now on the other end of the equation we have a group that has an intimate knowledge of how they contribute to the goal and how the other team members contribute to the final result. This group of people can be considered a team since they truly work together, not just work in close proximity.

A team’s success depends on all of the parts working smoothly without a break in the action. A real team can speak to one another without really going into all of the details of what is needed. Teams that work together well know what is going to happen and what must happen on everyone’s part. This type of group is not just stumbled upon. A team that works well together is built from the ground up. How you say? That is the secret. There are a ton of different exercises and activities that can be done to help this process along. What will work for your team is possibly different than what will work for another team. The people involved play a part in the team building process. Different activities work better on certain types of teams; some are good for sports, some for corporate people and still others for clubs and organizations.

The fastest way to learn which type of group activities to use to improve your team would be to hire a consultant to help you out. There are lots of consulting companies that will come in and study your company or group and its members to determine what types and specifically which exercises will help hone your team to a sharp edge. There are a lot of these companies that claim expertise but do not really have it so if you go to hire someone make sure you check their references.

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