Posted on May 20, 2013 by dave in Articles

Business Team Work and Super Stars

Have you ever been on a business team and noticed that the other team members do not pull their weight? Have you noticed them sloughing off responsibility or even ethics to get their workload share done faster, but turning in a half-baked effort?

Often when someone turns in a half-baked effort they will attempt to conceal their lack of commitment or effort as genuine first class and even boast about it to the other team members, customers, vendors and to the point they even fool themselves.

So often we find whether we are coaching a little kids soccer team or running a company that some of the players who are supposedly on the same team fight over the ball on the way to the goal? Why? Well there are several reasons, one the team members know who is legitimate and who is faking it. They know who has worked hard in practice and gives 110% and they are upset at a player turning in the half-baked efforts.

This same thing happens in business when a weak team member will not pull their weight, cheats to get to his end goal or complete his share of the workload and then plays victim and the Donald Trump Blame Game. In this case and if this behavior continues it brings down the best players who do perform. And often those players ask; why should I do all the work and play on a team full of wusses, complainers, self-aggrandizing low performers or work with other team members of no integrity?

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