Posted on Jun 20, 2013 by dave in Articles

Removing Mediocrity from Business Teams

If you run a company and you run it like a sports team or Navy Seals Special Team, well then you should be congratulated indeed. It is that level of commitment, which can win markets in business thru streamlined efficiency in Management at all levels and camaraderie at the front desk and line workers. We all know this is true, but how come when the team’s engine is firing on all cylinders is it so obvious?

Well let us just call it the multiplier affect shall we and to that point many of us have heard the Team Building Seminar Tapes or read in books or perhaps have a “Successories” picture on the wall with a team of rowers in a high-tech row boat which says; T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

Indeed and it is hard to deny such obvious logic, yet we see that just by adding people to the team is no guarantee that the TEAM will accomplish more because a team is about individuals and their commitment to the end goal. If the team members are not all in it to win it then you are and you have probably also heard; Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link.

How do we insure each and every member is truly in it to win it and not merely putting out half efforts and enjoying the sweet fruits of victory? In other words how to we turn mediocrity into a dedication to drive to the goal line? Well we must all get on the same page and believe. You must Believe to Achieve and you must make sure that everyone agrees to put forth their 110% effort and then you have indeed built a team willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, so help us God!

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