Female Agents Taking The Lead – But Why Do They Have To Have Horrific Backstories?

Red Sparrow vs Black Widow

With very similar backstories, Black Widow and Red Sparrow were abused and trained in sadistic camps in the former U.S.S.R, but why do they need to be abused to make them strong women and awesome spies?

Can't on-screen women use their actual skills to trap a target, rather than their bodies?

Certainly Red Sparrow doesn't need to be raped for the plot, but perhaps the instance was meant to symbolize the darkness of the spy world or her vulnerability as a young woman. But that initial rape is far from the only time assault occurs in the movie. Soon after the assault, Red Sparrow is sent to spy school, or, as she later aptly names it, "whore school." While there, a terrifying headmistress teaches her and other "students" to be spies — which apparently includes raping, and being raped by, each other. But Why?

Black Widow is pushed to her limits beaten and forced to shoot a man she loved during her training, the final act of her twisted "teachers' was to give a healthy young woman a hysterectomy, so that she will always be a spy loyal to the cause, and never get pregnant and settle down. Her handlers also fake the death of her husband to twist her hatred to the maximum.

With all the allegations in Hollywood at present, wouldn't it be great to see a top level female spy role, reach the peak of her career from hard graft and proving all the men wrong! Not using her sexuality or being sexually abused to make her 'stronger' to get there!

Here's to all the amazing women who work tirelessly in the real intelligence world,

putting their lives on the line just the same as their male counterparts!



A final note, and on the lighter side.... Who would win in a fight??

Are you Team Red Sparrow or Team Black Widow??


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