HMS Belfast played a key role in the infamous British naval blockade against Germany during the Second World War. During the ship’s deployment in the British Navy spanning three decades, Navy personnel would have formulated state-of-the-art lifesaving, intelligence plans in undercover surveillance, code breaking and bomb deactivation. It seems only suitable that brand new team-building and hospitality packages have been launched aboard the historic warship on the River Thames.


HMS Belfast offers a unique event space to launch its new ‘Spy Games’ packages in an authentic environment. The venue offers great versatility alongside an exclusive historic experience, and can accommodate from 10 to 200 guests, allowing for you to tailor your colleagues’ experience and match their preferences.

HMS Belfast have three packages on offer, each with a different theme and method of extracting the best from your team; the ‘Code Cracking Dinner Party’ from £31.50 per person (min 20 people) will present an exciting and energetic addition to your dinner party on board this famous landmark. Initially a locked briefcase is given to each team and they need to crack the code to open the case. Once inside a number of paper-based observational challenges will test their knowledge and skills. After dessert a representative, or possibly the whole table, are invited to the stage to take part in the head to head pistol draw competition. The fastest quick draw will then earn the champions award and receive the cash prize for their team. Additional WOW factors such as a stunt fight or room burst to snatch a hostage can also be added to really get things going!

The second package is to undertake a ‘Top Secret Mission on a Ship’ for £55 per person (group size: 10 to 200). Armed with a digital camera, HMS Belfast dollars, a unique password and a mission pack, your team will begin a series of intelligence gathering tasks and assignments on board. Tasks will involve meeting with undercover agents to receive further intelligence, gathering clues from various locations and carrying out code breaking challenges to receive cash rewards.

The third is ‘The Captain’s Challenge’ from £55 per person. With groups of 10 to 200 and lasting three hours, this challenge is for corporate clients looking for a team-building event on-board HMS Belfast. A range of activities can be chosen to meet any brief incorporating common business objectives such as leadership, problem solving and communication; these include a series of cerebral, analytical and logistical challenges. Code breaking, dodging lasers or negotiating the minefield – teams are in competition, with scoring achieved by the award of the HMS Belfast dollar.