Will you be the next James Bond or the new Johnny English? Top 10 tips on how to become a super spy!

  • Learn how to hide in plain sight. Always have a good disguise so you blend into the scene and go by unnoticed.
  • Make sure you change the location of your meetings. A bit like the Spy Hunt Challenge, always have different locations to meet up with your agents so no one can track you.
  • Join in with the activities around you – have a cup of coffee and ‘read a book’ rather than do obvious spy activities.
  • Learn from the best spies by reading books and watching films.
  • Learn to lip read . This is always good if you are too far away to hear a conversation!
  • Gather intelligence and information before a mission. Similar to the Diamond Heist it is important to have the information and training before tackling a mission
  • Have a secret location to hide your spy equipment, for example, a hollowed out book.
  • Go spying with a group of friends – it makes it more fun!
  • Always have a plan B in case you are caught in action!
  • Come and take part in a Spy Academy at Spy Games to get a good start to your spy adventures!
Don't worry if plan A doesn't work... you always have 25 other options!