After taking on the Enigma Team Challenge, it came down to a very close finish for EMW law, the teams only had $400 separating them, so the final round of pistol draw had to be fast, the first person to get their aim on their target would win the day, see how close the ladies were, much better form on the right but the left got the drop and took the win!

Thank you for all your energy and commitment to the tasks, we hope you had a great day!

Storm Doris did not deter the team from NHBC from taking on a set of activities on the Enigma Team Challenge, Safe Cracking, Code Breaking to defuse a bomb, Pistol draw techniques and quick draw competition, recovering their ‘spydollars’ from the dead letter box, then got moving toxic waste to a safe container in the Thunderball Challenge, testing their geography knowledge with Agents International, spotting famous spies in the identity parade and finishing off with some 8mm blank firing pistol shooting.

We had a great day working with you, and look forward to your next team build!

Come and visit us at stand E33C at Olympia, 1-2 March 2017 and help us save the conference by deactivating the bomb!

Leave your business card for a chance to win a Spy Academy experience for two (rrp.£198.00)

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