The Spy Hunt is our twist on a treasure hunt which we can start and finish at your chosen venue or location, it works really well in city centre locations such as London, Edinburgh, Cambridge & other major towns or cities.

 We would split your group into teams as that competitive edge always appeals to secret agents!

Armed with your mobile phone, Spy Dollars, a unique password and a mission dossier, your team will begin a series of intelligence gathering tasks/assignments around your chosen region. It is your mission, you decide how to execute your plan and earn your team the most Spy Dollars… Your mission will take 3 hours. 

Tasks involve meeting with undercover Agents to receive further intelligence, gathering clues from static locations, carrying out code breaking challenges to receive cash rewards and investigating local places of interest. 

There will be different tasks/assignments for the teams to complete, some will involve cash rewards, and some will involve receiving additional intelligence from agents (or are they double agents!!). Additional Spy Dollars can be earned by producing a portfolio of photographic evidence, as requested in the teams’ confidential dossier.


Beware! Undercover surveillance operatives may be watching your every move. Time is of the essence, so ensure you are at the rendezvous at the specified time for the briefcase drop as there is no time for error in this spy game!

All the staff are experienced instructors, so you can be sure that you will have a fun and exciting day in a safe environment. 

Clients should wear suitable clothing and footwear for being outdoors and walking around the city. Minimal fitness is required, and we will provide all the equipment required for the mission.


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