The Diamond Heist & Hostage Rescue

Alpha team being led by member of staff

Hostage being taken to safety

Naughty! Proper Naughty!

Your chance to play the bad guys, or be the heroes, as you and your colleagues make a detailed plan to execute the perfect raid!

Enjoy pure escapism and the chance to act as a closer as a team. The excitement of raid, the tension within your group and the thrill of the getaway/rescue!

Have you got the minerals to steal the priceless diamonds and cash, or will you spend time behind bars?

Would you take a bullet to save the hostage? or run to the hills?

The Diamond Heist & Hostage Rescue are team building activities where your team role play a criminal gang or a crack special forces team.

Weapons training includes “Sniper School” where the art of the long shot will be taught, then we get up close and personal in our “Close Quarter Battle Arena”, machine gun training with our air-soft assault rifles, so you can perfect the methods of room clearance and operating as a team in open areas. Moving on to “Unarmed Combat” and “Axe Throwing” for the silent attack, finally “Pistol Draw Techniques” will mean your team are now ready for The Raid.

The Diamond Heist team building event culminates by assaulting the security team, where you must maintain the momentum with a ruthlessly efficiency to surprise attack to grab all the loot you can! Time is ticking before the cops arrive!

The Hostage Rescue team build finale is an attack on the kidnappers, this will need to be planned and team communication needs to be on point, to manage a slick rescue operation to release the hostage unscathed! Beware of incoming reinforcements and get the hostage to safety ASAP!!!

Successful Mission – Kidnappers caught – Hostage rescued!

Gun fire, smoke and pyrotechnic effects add to the thrill.

For an added adrenaline we can arrange fireball explosions and helicopter extraction giving the event the ultimate wow factor.

The activity uses a variety of replica weapons, air-soft and high-powered air rifles.

There is little physical demand, although we guarantee there’ll be high adrenaline.

Participants are divided into squads; each squad will have a member of our Spy Games Staff to help the operation and supervise them.

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