“The Enigma Project” Team Challenge


Spy Games have designed a range of original activities to provide a unique and modern approach to the development of individuals and teams within the business environment.

“Radiation” – Don’t drop that isotope

We use the exciting world of international espionage and the work of Secret Agents as a theme for tailor-made events.

With groups of 5 upwards and a duration of 2 hours to 3 days, we have the experience, equipment and flexibility to create events according to virtually any brief.

This espionage theme event is designed for hotels, conference centres and meeting venues virtually anywhere, both in the UK and worldwide.

Pistol Draw Techniques – Who’s the quickest gun?

With problem solving, skills and physical challenges available, events can contain games to cover communication, team spirit, diversity, support, efficiency, time management, flexibility, and control and leadership.

Our expert facilitators can discuss these topics as a result of group ‘Mission analysis.’

 The Enigma Project is a series of spy related missions, each around 20 minutes long, with teams starting at different points and progressing around, thereby ensuring all players can take part in each activity.

Scoring can be achieved by the award of money, raised or earned during the event (Spy Dollars, branded as appropriate, provided by us). However, as nothing is fair in the world of espionage, teams will quickly learn that there may be other means of earning their Spy Dollars!

“Identity Parade” Find the “Secret Agents”!

Activities include

  • Safe Cracker
  • Axe Throwing
  • Code Breaking
  • Pistol Draw Techniques
  • The Thunder Ball Challenge
  • Sniper School
  • Laser Room Test
  • Mortar Attack
  • Minefield Breach
  • Photofit
  • plus many more….

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