The Evening Spy Challenge

After a gruelling day of figures, Gantt charts, targets and more targets, why not set your sights on an Evening Spy Challenge and some fun!

Our top Agents will meet you during pre-dinner drinks, this is where the mission unfolds.

Before eating you will need to figure out the 6-digit code necessary to complete the Briefcase Challenge.

A series of head to head, team challenges combining cerebral, observational, logistical and (for those that wish) physical endeavour.

Cracking open a briefcase

Identity Parade

Agents International

Surveillance Quiz

Code breaking

Pistol Draw

Throughout the evening a number of opportunities arise to obtain the currency of the evening The Spy Dollar

Nothing is fair in the world of espionage and corruption will often triumph.

Look after your money as you never know what enemy forces are at large!! 

This is a fantastic evening designed to complement your meal.

For those wishing to ‘glitz up’ the night we can add further value to your evening,

Please ask us to quote for:

Casino: Finish off your evening with our Casino run by professional croupiers and all the trimmings of a real ‘Casino Royale’ night.

Bespoke Spy Dollars: Printed with your company logo or even the MD’s head!


  • Price: Call our Sales Team for a quote

  • Group Sizes: 12 to 1,000 

  • Location: UK & Worldwide

  • Telephone: 03338 007007

  • Email: