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Corporate Diamond Heist

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The Diamond Heist Team Building activity is your chance to play the bad guy or girl as you and your fellow villains make a detailed plan and use your newly learned skills to execute the perfect robbery!

Enjoy pure escapism to act as a criminal mastermind, experience the excitement of the raid, the gang’s tension and the thrill of the getaway.  Have you got what it takes to steal the priceless diamonds or will you spend time behind bars!?

Further Details

The Diamond Heist is a team activity role playing criminal re-enactment, during which the gangs will receive weapons training from our qualified instructors, including, sniper shooting, pistol draw skills and close quarter machine gun work with automatic rifles. If the bullets run out we will teach you some cheeky hand to hand combat techniques and if all else fails some axe throwing!!  After a corrupt planning phase, some of their newly learned skills will be put into action for the adrenaline-fuelled raid!

The activity uses a variety of replica weapons, air-soft and high powered air rifles.  There is little physical demand, although we guarantee there’ll be high adrenaline. Participants are divided into gangs; each gang will have a member of our Spy Games Staff to help, drive the getaway car, and supervise them.

All our staff are experienced team building activity instructors often from Special Forces backgrounds, so you can be sure that you will have a fun and exciting day in a safe and controlled environment.

We recommend using our venue near Milton Keynes, however, the event can take place at any suitable venue in the UK or even worldwide (a site visit may be required).

The whole team activity normally lasts around 3½ hours but can be extended for a longer experience. Lunch can be arranged prior to, or after, the event if requested.


"Proper Naughty Works do"

"Great time at Spygames, we wanted to take our new skills to the real world, but the Boss said no! Good humoured instructors and an adrenaline filled finale!

Highly recommend to any one looking for a cracking team build or works day out"

Local Scaffolding Company

“All of our team enjoyed the afternoon’s challenges;  not only were the Spy Games staff extremely professional, patient and helpful, but they also made the events really good fun and it’s given everyone in our team a real buzz so thank you all again for a thoroughly enjoyable event.”


“We had a really good time, they just wanted to do more of everything!”

Calor Gas Ltd


Spy April 2011 82 Spy April 2011 71 Diamond Heist

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