The Charlies Angels film was released only a few days ago, have you seen it yet? Our agents were sent on a secret mission to see the potential competition!

The agents that did a recce of Charlies Angles found out these interesting facts:

In the filming process Ella Balinska did most of her own stunts. How cool is that? It is brilliant to see a rise in the number of female agents in the film world, especially doing their own stunts!

Elizabeth Banks’s go to snack in between takes is Yogurt Parfait… What would be your agent snack? Spy Games’ agents love to stop for either strawberries or chocolate eclairs!

Since the release of the Charlies Angels film, there has been a spike in bookings for the gift experience by females over the last few days. Do you  fancy taking on Sniper Shooting; High Powered Cross Bow and many more spy related activities? Why not round up a group of friends for a Private Party, Hen Do or attend one of our Gift Experiences? Looking forward to training you up to become the next Charlies Angels!