Are “Preppers” getting ahead in the UK

‘It’s always good to have a plan B.’

  • Quick release tourniquet? Check.
  • Water purification system? Check.
  • One-hundred days emergency food rations? Check.
  • Padlocks and chains for extra security? Check
  • Mild paranoia? Check

After March 29th there are people that think the UK will dissolve into civil unrest and chaos. These people are already stockpiling 3 months worth of rations and medication, just incase it all goes wrong at the borders!

Preppers in the USA can take things even further as they build up an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, ready to protect their families and property… luckily we have strict weapons controls in the UK!!

What would you store for a possible shut down of the food supply?

We have all seen the panic when supermarkets close for one day over Christmas! Dry goods and tinned food.. bottled water? 100 tins of baked beans??? haha

How long could you last with out a steady supply of food and medicine?

We reckon if you looked in your cupboards now you’d have at least a weeks worth, no you probably don’t like the back of the cupboard tins but its food!!

Do you think that it will be chaos? Or will life continue as normal?

March 30th will tell us as no one seems to have a clue!

Prepare for the unexpected!

but don’t go too mad!