New Spy Academy Dates

Good news – Spy Games has released further dates for the Spy Kids Camp and Spy Academy!

A fantastic fun packed event to test the ultimate spy within you.

Spy Kids Camp

The agents will take part in a variety of secret agent activities, including survival skills, discovering how to dodge laser alarms. The agents move on to our sniper range, and have a crack with our high powered air rifles. Learn how to quick draw their pistol and finally crack codes to de-activate the bomb as the clock ticks away!

Spy Academy 

Your experience will include pistol draw techniques, the pistol is the Secret Agent’s weapon of choice, next your instructors will train how to get in close and deadly with unarmed combat, just in case you run out of ammunition. Moving on to our silent weapons section, use our high powered crossbows on the 20m range, then test your expertise at axe throwing, finally use the precision of shooting through the telescopic sights of our 0.22 calibre sniper rifles.