New Event Release…Operation Isolation!

With the current global pandemic, there is one (very) hot topic! With more people working from home, it is hard to keep the positive morale in the work force.. So Spy Games took on the challenge and have created Operation Isolation!

Designed to boost morale and increase productivity, Operation Isolation can be enjoyed by staff from their own homes, in a race against their colleagues… and of course the clock!

Should you be daring enough to take on the challenge… Operation Isolation will commence at your chosen time, with all participants eagerly waiting at their computers. They will receive an email from our agents with the full event pack attached as a pdf. Inside the pdf would be all the instructions and challenges, the winner of the event would be the first person to send back an email to us with the correct answers and pictures attached.

The Challenges:

Code Breaking Challenge:

A challenge to decipher a series of cryptic clues to work out the correct sequence of wires to disconnect an electronic ‘bomb’. Tension builds as the clock ticks down!

Agents In Disguise:

Agents must get as many selfies/photographs as possible from the list of disguises. Using your imagination, go ‘under-cover’ and create the best covert costumes from what you find in your vicinity.

Safe Cracking:

Only the best secret agents can crack a safe under pressure….. using the following clues you must work out the correct combination to crack into the safe…. Easy right…. Crack into the safe to receive $1,000 Spy Dollars!

The winner will be announced via email, with a few of the funniest photo attached which will definitely get people laughing! For those booking an event for 15 participants or more there will include a winner’s prize of a free place on our adults Spy Academy worth £99.

The only question is… Do you have time to Bond? For only £10+VATpp it is an offer that can’t be refused!

Contact Spy HQ on: 03338 007 007 or