Here at Spy Games, Redpalm Technology spent their Friday afternoon being trained in the world of spies!

Redpalm Technology darlingly took on the Diamond Heist Challenge! In order to take on the ultimate challenge, the teams were trained in Sniper Shooting, Axe Throwing, Close Quarter Combat, Pistol Draw and Unarmed Combat. Then the two teams cracked the case wide open and managed to steal the loot back from the villains. In the battle of the Diamond Heist, team 2 were crowned the winners!

Flash forward to the weekend, when over 100 members of the general public took on the Spy Training Camps. Adults and children spent their Sunday taking on the world of espionage with Sniper Training, Codebreaking, Axe Throwing, Laser Room and so much more. Could they be the next James Bond?

How do you fancy the chance of being a spy for the day?

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