Spy Kids Operation Isolation Release!

Here at Spy games, we know that it’s a tough time for everyone at the moment, especially as the kids boredom sets in.

So… Spy Games have created a 5 part kids Operation Isolation pack that is jammed with Spy related challenges, puzzles and activities to do in your home. Each pack will keep children entertained for at least an hour per pack but the more imaginative spies could be entertained for a whole day by just one pack!

It is designed for ages 6-16 but some younger and older ones may also enjoy the challenge!

With activities from: Code Breaking; Pistol Draw; Laser Maze; Handmade Crossbows; Dusting for Finger prints and so much more, it is definitely not one to miss!!

The recommendation is to print these off at home and either have one per day of to spread them out one per week…. But it is totally up to you! If you don’t have a printer at home they can be done from a PC or tablet.

The cost is just £5 per pack or you can buy all 5 packs for the discounted price of just £20. This can either be paid on credit/debit card on via bank transfer and then we simply email you the packs! Couldn’t be easier.

Should you have any questions, queries or would like to buy a pack, either email: info@spy-games.com or call: 03338 007 007