A Few Recent Testimonials

Cracking Day Out

“What a gem of a place this is. A load of unflappable old war-torn soldiers who share their knowledge with us mere mortals. Loads of fun for grown-ups and kids. We did it ages ago and loved it so brought our son down to train to be a spy. He now wants a rifle having had tuition from an old veteran whose very strict and disciplined session was tempered with humour ensuring a transfixed and spell bound group of kids. Pistol draw in the rain was brilliant, the shivering wretches in the group didn’t notice the wind and rain, attempts to light a fire and build a tent in the rain was a laugh, despite the rain. Even the nerdy runty kids had a good giggle doing some indoor stuff. Not sure what this was all about but was described as being “epic”. I have read loads of reviews on here but have been motivated to actually write one now. I fell a little bit in love with these guys and would have loved to have stayed for longer.”


Surprise Day Out

“I was bought this experience by my wife, I was worried it might actually turn out to be for teenagers and she had read the age suggestion wrong. Well I was wrong. This is a fantastic day out for anyone who has any sort of interest in the military from players of FPS games, to readers of Tom Clancy novels and movie buffs. The guys who run it are extremely knowledgeable (the majority being current/ex forces) and they have a friendly, inclusive and exciting way of teaching you a little of what they know. The activities are challenging and well thought out which makes the time fly by. Before you know it it’s time to get back to “civilian” life. I would definitely recommend people to visit Spy Games, in fact I’m going to see if the office wants a corporate day there!”


Amazing Team Building Outing!

“I was asked by my company to prepare a day out as a team building. It was very tricky, as our company is located in 3 different offices across the UK, as well there are people working in the company are in the wide age range. And there are 70 of us…
After careful research I choose Spy Games. Was bit scared for the outcome but it turned out brilliant!
I would like to thank Ed Allin who helped me with everything!
He was very patient with my questions and very informative and helped me with picking up the games, advising on options available etc.
I think he is happy we already attended Spy Games, so I will stop harassing him 😀
We went for the option with half day games plus BBQ and drinks with music after and it was absolutely brilliant. I got many compliments for picking the location and organising everything and deep in my little heart I am counting on a pay rise as everyone enjoyed it!
I could recommend Spy Games to everyone, especially for the company outings, as Ed & the team will be more than happy to assist you with everything. Also, a little healthy competition spiced up the games!
Overall, I am very happy, my co-workers are happy, my boss is happy so if you have chance – definitely go for it!”


Second Time Here

“Came last year with our boy, it was brilliant so thought we’d try the adult one. What a brilliant day out. The tone was set for the day in the briefing that started bang on time. (very military). It was clear that fun was the order of the day. All the relevant safety bits were covered in a very common sense and entertaining way and then we were off. Segways….Fantastic, a proper scoring system and something to aim for. Brilliant teachers who were on top of their game. Hand-guns…. OMG thought we’d signed up for the army on this one. Eventually got to fire a gun after having a long safety briefing. This seemed to be the least dangerous of all the activities, so not sure why there was so much” bore” before? (just do what M said and “take the shot”), after lunch, big fat burger, nice. Cross bows…. what a blast, could have stayed there for the rest of the afternoon as was improving with every shot. Managed to hit the target by the end but needed get onto the rifles. We sat out on the last bit which was all about self-defence, which did look like a bit of a fun, but a recent injury prevented me from taking part. (my choice). We did get offered another go at shooting with some of the others that sat out which was a nice gesture and actually better than the hour we’d paid for! Keep up the good work, something for everyone here.”


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