Gearing Up for A Busy Time!

The Spy Games Calendar is filling up!

We are looking forward to providing lots of team building and spy experiences through the spring into summer!

Our Espionage based team building events are NOT like your average office day out! Pistol draw techniques, code breaking to stop a "bomb", treading gently through a minefield or learning unarmed combat skills... maybe these will help you get that pay rise! 🙂



Our Instructors have a wide range of skills learnt from a career in ex special forces, ex military, ex police or prison service...

They all have a story to tell and maybe easily corruptible to earn your team more Spy Dollars!







Give our top agents a call at Spy Games HQ to organise your Team day out!

03338 007 007


After a very busy and productive winter...

We have our main barn fully refurbished!


This sounds slightly mad but we have put up two large marquees (6x12m each) in our freshly painted barn, but this is for your benefit,

it helps keep you warm and gives you extra flexibility for conferencing/activity areas.



We have cleared out our back of house area giving us a large indoor area for inclement weather! It basically means we can do most of our activities indoors! Our Sniper Hut is also covered so we can do all weaponry based activities in the dry too!



'Q' is busy preparing all our kit for upcoming events!


For more information on our team building and conference activities

Please call one of our Top Agents

03338 007 007

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Looking To Earn A Few Extra Spy Dollars?

Stay safe New Zealand!

Our thoughts go out to the families and friends of the victims of this horrific attack

Be proud of the hard working and brave emergency services and the amazing people of New Zealand!