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Stag Party Multi Activity Day

  • Prices:  3 activities £65 per head.
    •    4 activities £80 per head.
    •    5 activities £95 per head.
    •    6 activities £110 per head.
    •    See Further Details for activity lists.
  • Group Sizes: 10 to 36
  • Location: UK

James Bond, Jason Bourne or a rouge agent, the choice is yours.  All infamous in the spying world!

Learn to shoot weapons, Machine guns, axe throwing, sniper rifles or hand to hand combat.

Learn how to look after yourself and protect your client.

Who knows it may be Angelina or your future Bride next time!!

Great fun, full on or laid back, you decide.

Further Details
  • Sniper Shoot - Using our high powered telescopic air rifles can you hit the target. Full tuition is given and a variety of different shooting challenges are set whilst you compete against your fellow sniper’s!!
  • CQB (Close Quarter Battle) - Learn how to carry out contact drills including  fire and manoeuvre using our airsoft machine guns.   These weapons are great for training and fire small 6mm BB pellets.
  • Unarmed Combat - When you’ve run out of ammo then you’re left with your hands ! Under specialist supervision learn some self defence techniques which will include blocks, wrist locks and knife work.
  • Axe Throwing - Our steel 'spy axes' are perfectly balanced for you to throw at the target, your instructor will give you all the tips and techniques to help you throw like a ninja!
  • Pistol Draw - Learn how to master the pistol and what to do when under fire.  You will be taught how to draw the pistol at speed from a holster and then take part in a quick draw competition !
  • Crossbow Shooting – Silent weapons training using our high powered Crossbows, can you hit centre to take out the sentry quietly !!

3 activities £65 per head - 4 activities £80 per head - 5 activities £95 per head - 6 activities £110 per head
All prices above include vat   (minimum group size of 10 – discounts for larger groups)


"The lads had an absolutely fantastic day, they really enjoyed themselves, found the Spy Games team completely professional and all commented how seamless the day was effortlessly moving from one task to another with no delays in between.

One of the guys actually asked if we could do this every week – if only eh!"


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