Key Facts

Spy Kids Training Camp

  • Price: £35.00 per person
  • Group Sizes: 12 to 72
  • Location: Milton Keynes

For large groups please call 03338 007 007


Spy Games have created the Spy Camp experience for children.

The ultimate adventure for any young secret agent!

The Spy Camp agents will take part in a variety of secret agent activities, including survival skills, discovering how to dodge laser alarms. The agents move on to our sniper range, and have a crack with our high powered air rifles. Learn how to quick draw their pistol and finally crack codes to de-activate the bomb as the clock ticks away!

Further Details

Spy Games have created the 'Spy Camp Experience' for children aged between 10 and 16yrs of age.

  • You will have a a crack at our 20m sniper range with the high powered air rifles fitted with telescopic sights.
  • Have an opportunity to learn survival skills from the experts, the skill of how to make fire is a really useful for an agent stuck behind enemy lines!
  • Test your skills at code breaking, can you crack the codes to de-activate the bomb as the clock ticks away. Do you pull the red or the blue wire? Will you crack it with seconds to spare or will your time run out!
  • Move on to pistol training, the Secret Agent’s personal weapon, your skills and reactions will be tested with a quick-draw competition to see who is the fastest gun!
  • Finally you’ll take on the laser challenge, have you got the agility to get past the laser beams or will you trigger the alarms?

Our aim is to run a fun experience where children can take part in some exciting and interesting challenges, but where the emphasis is always on fun, safety and control.


"Great Day Out for Future Spy"

Booked this for my 12 year old son for a Christmas present.

He had GREAT fun practising drawing and aiming a pistol; shooting an air rifle (managed to make one of the spinning targets spin); defusing a bomb and making his way through a laser room!

The organisers were efficient, friendly and enthusiastic.

Event Dates

Current Available Dates:

  • Sunday 14th April 2019 - 1400 to 1700 - SOLD OUT
  • Saturday 11th May 2019 - 1000 to 1300
  • Sunday 16th June 2019 - 1400 to 1700
  • Saturday 13th July 2019 - 1000 to 1300
  • Sunday 18th August 2019 -1400 to 1700 - SOLD OUT
  • Saturday 14th September 2019 -1000 to 1300 
  • Sunday 20th October 2019 -1400 to 1700
  • Saturday 23rd November 2019 -0900 to 1200

Call 03338 007 007 to book your session!

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